Position Host institution PhD enrolment Start date Duration
ESR13 P10-OUS Y (at OUS) early 2017 36 months

Project Title:

The role of K+ buffering and water channels in epilepsy

Toni Berger



Early astrocyte changes after status epilepticus may precipitate epileptogenesis. Therefore, the aim of this project is to investigate whether administration of potential drugs against K+ and water channels shortly after chemically induced status epilepticus (SE) can attenuate morphological and molecular changes in brain glial cells and improve the clinical prognosis in terms of lowering frequency and severity of seizures. Is there a time window in the early phase of epileptogenesis in which it is possible to rescue astrocytic changes by administrating drugs effecting astroglia functions?



Defined drug targets are already suggested from current studies, but will also be deduced from genetic profiling data of patients. For analysis chemical and genetic animal models will be investigated by molecular, histochemical, electrophysiological and imaging techniques.


Kjell Heuserkjell heuser
Oslo Universitetssykehus HF

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