WP 6 | Network-wide training



O6.1 Training of ESR in scientific approaches, techniques and presentation
O6.2 Preparing ESR for a career in the European economic area of tomorrow

WP6 will enable the ESRs to acquire state-of-art knowledge in their area of research/business, and will become aware of the major challenges and future research directions to be implemented by academic laboratories and industry. Equally important the fellows will not only gain expertise in modern research approaches in their specific area, but also acquire key complementary skills essential for a successful career. The added benefit of excellence training in the EU-GliaPhD consortium comes from (i) secondments, which enables them to experience a different working culture, to learn additional techniques, and to follow extra courses that are not available in their own environment, (ii) Consortium meetings that train the fellows in international presentations, (iii) the summer schools/workshops/training courses for all young researchers in the participating labs, which will focus on research technologies, writing and presentation of data and project applications and valorisation.

Tasks (and involved participants)

T6.1 Implementation of personal Career Development Plans for each ESR (all partners)
T6.2 Specialised discipline/technique focused training within each partner laboratory (all partners)
This will entail acquisition of top level research strategies, approaches and technologies such as; 1. training in specific experimental methods, analytical strategies and their implementation, 2. use of state-of-art instruments available through local technical platforms, and 3. other activities relevant to research in a laboratory setting e.g. troubleshooting, laboratory management, quality assurance and handling of discipline-specific data and storage.
T6.3 Network-wide research and transferable skills training courses (all partners)
T6.4 Preparation for successful PhD defence of ESRs (all partners)


D6.1 Personal Career Development Plans (Mo 6);
D6.2 First course “Oral presentations” (Mo 10);
D6.3 Individual training reports to be included in the EC reports (Mo 24, 48);
D6.4 Report on successful awarding of PhD degrees to all ESRs